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All of the paintings in this section are original paintings and most have been painted 100% plein air (outdoors, on location). Some took two hours and others took several weeks to complete. I have traveled to different cities and countries carrying my paints and easels to be able to offer you these works.

<i>The Lake</i><BR>Central Park, New York<BR>11x14 oil - $800<i>Study for Sunny San Diego</i><BR>Balboa Park, San Diego<BR>12x16 Oil - $1200<i>Alcazar Garden</i><BR>Balboa Park, San Diego<BR>24x36 oil - $4800<i>Sunny San Diego</i><BR>Balboa Park, San Diego<BR>48x36 Oil - $5500<i>A Quiet Moment</i><BR>La Jolla, San Diego<BR>14x18 oil - $1400<i>Between Runs</i><BR>Embarcadero, San Diego<BR>11x14 oil - $1000<i>At Mission Bay and Mission</i><BR>Mission Beach, San Diego<BR>12x16 oil - $1250<i>Lily Pond</i><BR>Balboa Park, San Diego<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>Organ Pavilion</i><BR>Balboa Park, San Diego<BR>8x10 oil - $600<i>Heading for Crystal Pier</i><BR>Pacific Beach, San Diego<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>Along San Diego's Coast</i><BR>La Jolla, San Diego<BR>6x8 Oil (Framed)- $300<i>Rock n Ron</i><BR>Embarcadero, San Diego<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>The Kiss</i><BR>Embarcadero, San Diego<BR>10x8 oil - $550<i>View from Presidio Park</i><BR>Presidio Park, San Diego<BR>16x12 oil - $1200<i>Quiet Reflection</i><BR>La Jolla, San Diego<BR>30x40 oil - $3500<i>Study of Cabrillo Bridge</i><BR>Balboa Park, San Diego<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>After Morning Mass</i><BR>Mission de Alcalá, San Diego<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>Miramar Lake at Rest</i><BR>Scripps Ranch, San Diego<BR>24x36 oil - $2850<i>Abstraction of Lake Miramar</i><BR>Scripps Ranch, San Diego<BR>12x16 oil - $500<i>Mo's Fishing Hole</i><BR>Scripps Ranch, San Diego<BR>12x16 oil - $500<i>Seaport Village at Asaggio's</i><BR>Downtown San Diego<BR>11x14 oil - $900<i>Tiber River</i><BR>Rome, Italy<BR>12x16 oil - $1400<i>Cafe Van Gogh</i><BR>Arls, France<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>Snowcapped Alps</i><BR>Bellagio (Lake Como), Italy<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>Early Morning, Colmar</i><BR>France<BR>11x14 oil - $900<i>La Petite Venice</i><BR>Colmar France<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>La Rambla</i><BR>Barcelona, Spain<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>Wine Tasting at Bernardo Winery</i><BR>Rancho Bernardo, Calif.<BR>14x18 oil - $1600<i>Chicago's Navy Pier</i><BR>Chicago, Illinois<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>Anthony's Fish Grotto</i><BR>San Diego, California<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>Aix-en-Provence's Old Town</i><BR>Aix-en-Provence, France<BR>12x16 oil - $1200</i>Giving Thanks</i><BR>San Miguel, California<BR>8x10 oil - $450<i>Lunch at La Galette</i><BR>San Clemente, California<BR>11x14 oil - $720<i>The Promenade by the USS Midway</i><BR>Downtown, San Diego<BR>18x24 oil - $2400<i>Streets of NYC</i><BR>New York, NY<BR><BR>11x14 oil - $1200<i>Fisherman's Wharf</i><BR>San Francisco<BR>16x12 oil - $1400<i>Foulksmills</i><BR>Foulksmills, Ireland<BR>12x16 oil - $1400<i>Morning Light</i><BR>Athens, Ohio<BR>11x14 oil - $800<i>Fountain at the Mission</i><BR>San Juan Capistrano, Calif.<BR>11x14 oil - $750<i>Carousel in the Park</i><BR>Central Park, New York<BR>11x14 oil - $800<i>Carmel Mission</i><BR>Carmel, Calif.<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>Playa de Espana</i><BR>Seville, Spain<BR>11x14 oil - $1100<i>Bleeker Street</i><BR>Central Park, New York<BR>12x16 oil - $1400<i>St. Joseph Cathedral</i><BR>Downtown, San Diego<BR>12x16 oil - $1200<i>Bethesda Terrace</i><BR>Central Park, New York<BR>11x14 oil - $900<i>Morning Light</i><BR>Montepulciano, Italy<BR>12x16 oil - $1400<i>Evening Light</i><BR>Montepulciano, Italy<BR>12x16 oil - $1400<i>The Green at Ohio University</i><BR>Athens, Ohio<BR>11x14 oil - $950<i>Playa de Triunfo</i><BR>Seville, Spain<BR>12x16 oil - $1400<i>Rialto Theatre</i><BR>South Pasadena, Calif.<BR>12x9 oil - $750<i>San Sebastian Castle Lighthouse</i><BR>Cadiz, Spain<BR>8x10 oil - $600<i>Times Square</i><BR>New York City, New York<BR>14x11 oil - $900<i>Toledo at Night</i><BR>Toledo, Spain<BR>8x10 oil - $600<i>Washington Square Park</i><BR>New York City, New York<BR>12x16 oil - $1400